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By: Sean Farrell on October 22nd, 2015

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The Business Case for Investing in a Software Maintenance Subscription

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The world we live and work in today is fueled and maintained by countless software applications. From the devices we use in our homes to the tools that help us perform our jobs; we have become dependent on current software to function throughout the day.  Could you imagine if you had to pay a fee every time one of those software applications was updated or enhanced to be able to use your device or tool?  That is the situation your organization could face without a software maintenance subscription for your branch self-service and assisted self-service solutions.


There are several advantages to having a software maintenance subscription in place for your solutions but questions may still linger about what is included and the benefits gained from investing in one. The answers to those questions are in the following details.

Subscription Inclusions

Software maintenance subscriptions include access to full version updates and incremental point releases for ATM, teller cash recycler (TCR) and Kiosk application software.  Full version updates (i.e. a release from a 2.0 to a 3.0) usually occur every 24 to 36 months.  These updates will often include a range of hotfixes, patches and comprehensive operational improvements to the device and firmware layers as well as an introduction of new feature enhancements.  Point releases are more frequent and provide intermediary hotfixes to known issues that may be time sensitive.

Necessary for Availability

With the frequency of software updates and their potential impact on availability, security and operational reliability of the ATM, the presence of a software maintenance subscription has rapidly shifted from optional to necessary.  As more branches utilize advanced image deposit and no-envelope ATMs and more customers rely on self-service solutions, it is not feasible to be waiting to gain access to crucial updates.

Cost Savings

A software maintenance subscription provides significant cost savings as it includes access to all necessary updates at a fraction of the retail price, typically several thousands of dollars per unit.   Point release versions are also expensive when purchased outside of a software subscription and with the frequency of those updates costs can add up quickly.  Those using image deposit and teller cash recycling solutions also benefit from the currency template recognition updates that are provided at no cost through the software maintenance subscription.


The business case for investing in a software maintenance subscription is indisputable.  Not only will you realize significant savings over the life of the solution, but can easily maintain the operational requirements of your branch and continue to deliver the self-service options your customers demand. 


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