16 Reasons Why Dealers pick QDS as their Distribution Partner


QDS is in a unique position to be a Distributor, because we are also a dealer for a number of product lines ourselves. This allows us to interact with other Distributors and gives us a unique perspective on how we wanted to be treated as a dealer and makes us very aware of the things that can cause pain for dealers.

Education – as we all know it is not just about product knowledge, but applications where technology can be implemented and sold

Service Support – everything fails at one point, and you need someone to turn to solve the problem and not have to wait weeks for an answer

Service Training Classes – informative hands on training scheduled on a regular basis at the QDS service center to make your staff better

On-site Service Training – we come to you for a reasonable fee and train as many people as you need trained and reduce travel cost and time out of the field

Software support – staying abreast of firmware revisions and act as the facilitator to bring product up to current specifications

Product Enhancement – spearhead development of additional products like SNBC Printers, DoubleTalk LT and Teller Counts that give the product stickiness and additional margin

Cables – being a one stop shop for supplying printer, and integration cables for various devices

Warranty – assume responsibility for warranty repairs and machine replacements on DOA’s.

Parts – a repository for getting the replacement parts that you need on a regular basis

Stocking Dealer – manage to maintain reasonable levels of inventory to reduce or eliminate wait times when dealers place an order for product with most items shipped within 24 hours

Intervention – willingness to act as the mediator in territory conflicts and or end user disputes

Pricing – establish fair and consistent pricing models based on quantities being purchased and monitor the web for advertizing violations with respect to price

Newsletters – monthly newsletters to advise and inform regarding stocking levels, applications, changes, training classes, etc, etc.

Marketing support – availability of QDS product PDFs, product videos, user training videos

Lead pass program – sales leads that fall into your geographic area are given to you to sell and/or service

People resources – people dedicated to helping you be successful, order fulfillment, technical support, service training, software and firmware understanding

QDS finds it very fulfilling to help other businesses in our defined niche market have success. It validates the choices that we have made in product technologies. We are committed to continuing the search for leading edge technologies for our distribution network. Like this articla and want to read more? Check out why people love QDS and stay for life.

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