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By: Sean Farrell on September 24th, 2015

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Bill Changers: Are your employees giving out more change than receiving purchases?



As a business owner trying to make a sales goal and having enough money in your drawer, it can be quite annoying when people come into your business, don’t buy anything and ask for change for a $20 bill. Sure, it is the nice thing to do and you don’t want to be rude but what if that person took all your ones or fives out of your drawer? It could mess up your count for the night and if you have a customer who pays in cash, you will not be able to give them cash back. What if I told you there was a machine that could help give change to those non-customers?

Bill Changers: What They Can Do For You

Bill Changers can give you a free pass for giving change out of your drawer. For instance, let’s say you own a small boutique in a University area where college students are always asking for change. If you had a Bill Changer you wouldn’t have to stop paying attention to your customer. You could direct the person over to the Bill Changer and they would simply do it themselves. Let's talk about the different types of industries Bill Changers could improve. 

Bill Changers: Laundromats

It's frustrating enough if you don't have an available washer and dryer at your home, and having to load all your clothes and bedding to the laundromats can be quite heavy. Imagine loading all your dirty belongings in your car, driving 10-30 minutes down the road to a Laundromat only to find out you left your change by the front door. What if I told you there was no reason for this customer to be frustrated anymore? That coins or change was merely a walk across the room. Bill Changers can take up to $20 bills. That's a lot of change! More than enough to get your clothes washed and dried. The AC1002 & AC1005 are perfect for this type of industry. Both are equipped with a Pyramid Validator (where bills are inserted into the machine) that accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. The AC1002 can hold up to 2,300 quarters. 


Bill Changers: Car Washes

Who doesn't love getting their car washed? It is comparable to giving yourself a new haircut and getting that clean, start over feeling. Not only do you get your car washed but what if you wanted to vacuum it out as well? With having 2 long-haired dogs, I at least have to go twice a week to vacuum my car out. Your customer reaches inside his or her pocket or purse and angry to find out they have no quarters to insert into the machine. They have to walk inside and ask for change out of your drawer that could result in no change for a customer inside. Not only that but what if there was no employee to be able to give change for a $5 bill? Bill Changers can change the way customers feel at your convenience store or specific Car Wash location, for example, Autobell. The AC1002 & AC1005 are also perfect for this type of industry. Both are equipped with a Pyramid Validator (where bills are inserted into the machine) that accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. The AC1002 can hold up to 2,300 quarters.

Bill Changers: Vending and Amusement Locations

Chuck-E-Cheeses, Carowinds, Celebration station are just a few amusement locations we have in Charlotte. At these locations, it is very important to have employees or machines to be able to give out tokens for games. As busy as these places get, it is hard for all employees to keep all eyes on kids and give out tokens at the same time. There is a way to make your employees lives easier. Bill Changers can change the way kids receive these tokens. The AC400 & AC500 are designed for smaller vending and amusement locations. It accepts $1 and $5 bills and can hold up to 500 quarters. The AC1001 is designed for a larger scale vending and amusement location. It holds 2,800 quarters or tokens and can be equipped with a choice of "Change" or "Tokens" on the front. It accepts bills up to $20.                                                 


"One of the applications is a library. Richland County library staff was constantly being interrupted and asked to provide change for a copier that was located on a research level. QDS installed a two hopper quarter bill changer that automated this process and took the staff out of the equation. Machine has been in operation more than ten years. Bill Changers can also be used to provide tokens. So if the business is like a Putt Putt or Chuck e Cheese amusement center with a controlled environment where tokens are recycled, Changers can be used to exchange bills for tokens."   - Joe Farrell


Bill Changers can change your retail environment and give you a more profitable way for customers to receive change. For more information on what Bill Changers can offer you, check out our product page.


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