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By: Sean Farrell on March 16th, 2015

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Implementing Cash Automation: What do your clients say is the biggest benefit?

Cash Automation


We all know change is a very big deal in today's environment. But what if the change could benefit your branch and speed up the process? Would you say, YES, to implementing Cash Automation? 


Let's revisit, 4 Financial Institution Cash Automation Myths. We debunked the idea that automation will take away from the customer experience, when in actuality it will be creating more business for your branch. Implementing cash automation will allow the teller to multi task when helping out a customer. Who doesn’t appreciate effective customer service?

Cash Automation can also help reduce labor costs. How, you ask? Cash Recyclers and Dispensers do not take sick days or go on vacation. They don’t require healthcare or other types of benefits. By implementing this technology into your branch, it will help you save money through efficiency and create a more profitable environment.  


These types of topics bring us back to our question of the day: what do your clients say is the biggest benefit? Well…we took this question to our sales leaders who deal with different clients every day…


See the Impact of Cash Recyclers

Reduce Labor Costs

“Reduction in labor cost while improving employee morale for a repetitive task. Must be able to maintain or improve accuracy standards at the same time.”

No More Counting Cash

 “The biggest benefits from implementing cash automation are: lowered currency levels in the teller drawer, vault buys at the machine, less inventory in the vault, limited out of balance issues, faster and more effective transaction and NO MORE COUNTING CASH!!”


Increase Efficiency

 “The answer I have heard most is- Branch Cash Automation provides an opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Pure cost can be taken out by reducing FTE's associated with mundane cash counting, balancing, vault buys and sells and dual custody time and effort wastage.


The efficiency is gained through assigning some saved FTE time to customer facing tasks such as giving advice and potential selling of new services. The improved security of having the cash in the recycler safe rather than in a teller drawer allows for the branches to be redesigned into an open plan area providing customers with a more relaxed atmosphere.”

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