How Nautilus Hyosung is Building Excitement Around Innovation


Do you remember that feeling you get on Christmas morning? The feeling of when a new product arrives that you have been salivating over for months. That is how we feel here at QDS. Nautilus Hyosung has established themselves as the lead innovator in the branch technology space.  Through their relationship with Chase, Nautilus continues to push the envelope of functionality and design.

Outside of their Branch Transformation suite of products, they still provide innovative and reliable ATMs for the Community Bank and CU space. With a lower total cost of ownership and high reliability, Nautilus has been gobbling up market share from the big two now for the last few years.


The Nautilus Hyosung products will give you the capability of reaching more customers without having the feeling that you are leaving a customer behind. For example, the 7600 series has tilt screen capabilities, which offers something no one else in the business has. You can adjust the screen to the height of your vehicle. This means no more having to get out of the car if your arms are too short to reach or having to climb down from your truck.


In addition to these exciting features above, we reached out to our sales leaders to get their thoughts on what excites them most:

Innovation of Products

As a company owner, I am excited to work with a true innovator that understands the market and is delivering results faster than anyone else out there.  The combination of the MX-8800 lobby kiosk and 7800i products with video capability will become extremely in-demand over the next 12 months.  We are also excited about their cash automation suite of products.

Attention to Detail

The thing that excites me most about Nautilus Hyosung is that they are truly offering leading edge technologies. At the same time, the attention to detail and the component approach on the ATMs leads to great uptime for the end user.


Improving Branch Processes

The most exciting thing about Nautilus is the innovation in the design of the ATM and Self Service devices. Apart from the products being best in class in reliability terms, which is evidenced by very high availability and very competitive cost of ownership, the design is based on improving branch processes rather than just automating current activities. By that I mean, Nautilus has provided devices that turn mundane teller transactions largely into self-service transactions. However, should a customer need personal intervention, the system affords this opportunity either by the customer seeking the help by the push of a button or the bank staff being alerted through a rules based engine that identifies possible difficulties being encountered.

Cost Efficient

The Nautilus Hyosung products are very cost efficient compared to the competition. I think they are the most reliable and most widely used products on the market. Deposit Automation compatibilities are definitely a plus when FIs are looking for ways to take customer traffic out of the branch to the ATM and trying to cut transaction costs. I think the new MX 8800 Self-Service Machine and the 7800i ATM are going to be a big solutions as banks and CUs are looking for the "latest and greatest" to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Exceeds Expectations

I think what excites me most about the Hyosung Nautilus product line is the breadth of the product line itself.  Our clients over the last few months have presented challenging environments for which they need an ATM solution and using the Hyosung product line, we have been able to meet or exceed their expectations.


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