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By: Sean Farrell on November 3rd, 2015

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A Guide to the Upgrades Made to the Hyosung MoniSafe 500 vs. the 400A

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We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the key enhancements featured in the MS500 over the functions in the Hyosung 400A. We hope to clearly demonstrate that the MS500 is a superior product and much better suited for most financial institutions.

The Need for Speed

The MS500 has a continuous feed stacker much like a currency counter. This feature vastly improves processing time where users to do not have to stop to re-load and are able to run money continuously. The 400A has a pocket that can only hold 150-200 notes per batch.

Speed has also increased with the MS500 as it can process 12 notes per second. The 400A was rated at 8 notes per second but in reality it processes closer to 2 notes per second making the MS500 to 4-5x faster.


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More Capacity and Free Flowing Notes

The 400A has a physical 200-note maximum escrow unit with a 2-step procedure where notes go from the feeder into escrow unit and are held for a few moments. There is then as a separate command to send the notes into a cassette. This process has been eliminated within the 500 as notes can now flow freely from the feeder into cassettes.


There are also changes to the cassette configuration within the MS500 vs. the 400A. The 400A has an overflow cassette, 2 large cassettes and 4 small cassettes and the MS500 has an overflow cassette, 3 large cassettes and 3 small cassettes. With the MS500 you basically get an extra half of a large cassette, which is great for additional capacity at a busy location. The MS500 also uniquely offers an added extra large transit cassette for loading or offloading the machine.  You can read our full review of the MS00 in our recent article.


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The Best Product for A Busy Branch

The improvements made in the MS500 make it significantly faster and much better prepared to handle deposits and cash coming in.  The continuous feed and transit cassette additions make it the optimal choice for any busy financial institution. We still believe that the 400A is a great option for a primarily cash out environment such as a credit union or a lower volume branch.

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