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By: Sean Farrell on February 10th, 2015

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The Magic with the Monisafe 400A Overflow Cassette

Cash Automation


It’s probably better to name this cassette a universal cassette than an overflow cassette, but overflow is what Hyosung refers to it as, so we’ll just roll with that for now.  I recently had time to really deep dive into the functionality and performance of the MoniSafe 400A and found some really unique features, mostly based around the overflow cassette.

Magic Feature # 1 – Overflow cash stays in machine

Capacity can be key deciding factor when purchasing a cash recycler.  The majority of FI clients are looking for better cash management and efficiency that a recycler provides, while still minimizing the amount of loads or off-loads that need to happen with the machine.  The capacity of the Monisafe 400A is already the second largest in the market just based on recycling capacity.  When you add the extra capacity that the overflow cassette provides, it can really be a benefit to processing large deposits in without the worry of a particular denomination filling up.  With most RSM based recyclers, when a  denomination is full, it will reject the notes back to the teller, because there is nowhere else for them to go.  While there may be multiple RSMs for capacity of note storage for any denomination, once full the money has to go back to the user.  NOT SO on the Monisafe 400A!  Any money in excess “overflows” into a mixed note storage cassette that allows the user to keep processing deposits even if a particular denomination is full. This is a HUGE advantage!


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Magic Feature # 2 – Replenishment from Overflow Cassette

While there is another recycler with a large overflow area, the Glory RBG-100, once the money is down in their overflow area it’s stuck there until manually removed by the tellers.  Not so in the MoniSafe 400A!  At any point, the user can move all of the cash stored in the Overflow cassette back into the recycling cassettes for use with customers. This allows you to truly USE the overflow when you need it later when the transactions switch from cash positive to cash negative later in the week.


Another way to use this feature comes to mind for Credit Unions specificallyYou can actually load excess cash in the Overflow cassette for use later. Since CUs are typically very cash negative, a recycler can often have a need to have cash added to it which requires user or supervisor access to accomplish.  The MoniSafe 400A could be loaded with hundreds of notes of each of your popular denominations like $20s or $100s and replenish the recycling cassettes with the push of a button after a peak rush, say on Friday morning. This extra capacity is ideal for cash negative environments and truly makes Hyosung a leader in functionality with this feature.

Magic Feature # 3 – Self-Audit of the Machine

Most Financial Institutions audit their machines once a week or once a month.  This process normally involves emptying the entire machine, running the cash through a counter to validate the count and reloading the machine again. Not so with the MoniSafe 400A! If the overflow cassette is empty, you can utilize the self-audit function which will take all the notes from a cassette, run them back through the bill sensor into the overflow and once an audited count is made, move them back.  All of that without human intervention or having to open the safe or expose the cash!  While this feature can take some time if the machine is near full, many clients love the self-service nature of that and may consider having it run that task either during a lunch hour or after-hours.


The overflow cassette is a VERY powerful feature for the MoniSafe 400A and really differentiates itself from the competition for a number of environments that would best utilize it. If you think those magic features would benefit your bank or credit union, give us a call and we can see if it’s right for your environment. 

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